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Rainy days and dawn patrol

Posted in Neighborhood on July 20th, 2011 by Buffalo Sky – Comments Off

I’m not a Seattle native but I’ve lived in the Pacific Northwest for more than a decade so it’s almost home. It’s been the coolest and wettest July on record. Cliff Mass, our beloved local weather blogger, says it feels like we’re being punished.

It’s been a gloomy set of rainy days, and when it rains, I have to push our dogs out the door to get them outside. Sometimes Chaney does the wheel barrow, and every time they’re both back to the house in a flash.

Here’s Chaney

on Sunday. Ears back, shivering, huddled up on the front stoop, in need of a potty break. Gigi offered him her umbrella.

Gigi with ChaneyPit bulls hate rain. Short fur. Very little body fat. It’s another reason I want to unchain all the pit bulls that are tied up outside 24-7. I know how much they hate it.

The rain prompted me to make the neighborhood rounds in the wee hours of the following morning. I started with Gazebo Dog with rescue plans brewing in my head.

Brownie's GoneNo sign of him, and the back gate is open. Makes me wonder if a good citizen walked in and set him free. I’m confirming his absence with neighbors. The kids who started making him a dog house the day Animal Control visited never finished. Although it does look like they fortified the gazebo a bit.

Next I walked round the corner to make sure that La Tigre has not been replaced.  No sign of her or other dogs.

Then down the 12th Avenue stairs to check on another house that hasn’t had pit bulls for a while. I discovered a new kid on the block. No dog house, not tied up, and wearing a collar. He was more interested in the wood chip than me, and it was easy to snap this photo over the 4-foot chain link fence. I’m not sure if he’s a permanent addition or if he’ll stay outside. I’ll keep a watch on him.

7-20-2011 1-41-02 PM